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In 1993 Microfoam , a type of sclerosing foam,  was patented by Dr. Juan Cabrera : which  revolutionized this technique’s applications.  The results obtained had never been seen before, due  not  only to its composition, but also to the method used.  

This product is the result of mixing polydocanol,( a sclerosing agent used for over 25 years) together with a precise mixture of gases to create a foam with unique physical and chemical characteristics . It is currently applicable to any type of varicose vein, of any size or location.

Animation showing the injection of microfoam filling the vein
producing a spasm and contraction through the process of fibrosis

After the varicose vein has been filled “ with microfoam” , a sudden” spasm (reduction in the size) can be observed.

Dr. Juan Cabrera’s Microfoam is the only foam with controlled safety and effectiveness studies under the supervision of the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In Europe, microfoam has successfully passed the three study phases to ensure  the product’s safety and effectiveness;Study phase III is ongoing in the USA  in 2009


This treatment can be applied to any type , size or location of varicose veins without interfering with normal daily activities. From spider veins to large volume veins, all of these can be treated with microfoam.

This treatment is also applicable to vascular malformations which previously  had been  practically inoperable.


All treatments are preceded by a consultation in which the clinical record is reviewed , a medical examination is carried out and a Duplex study is performed . If the patient needs treatment, he/she is given another appointment to start the sclerotherapy sessions. The number of sessions can vary depending on the severity and the extension of the veins to be treated.  IIDF  guarantees as many treatments as necessary for an entire year.

No fasting or any special preparation is required. Following the procedure,  the patient will be able to  lead a completely normal life, except  for high intensity sports activities.

 A compression stocking  will have to  be worn at the end of each session.   The length of time worn will depend on the severity of each individual case.

Introduction of the microfoam into the inside of a vein


The technique is completely safe as evidenced by more than 20,000 patients treated  at Clinica Dr. Juan Cabrera in Granada and the Clínica Universitaria de Navarra (Pamplona and Madrid),  as well as  the multi-centre safety studies carried out in the USA, Great Britain and France.

Some examples of patients before and after following the sclerosing treatment with microfoam.

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